Why us?

What makes us different from the rest?

We know your child's process

We have an in-house psychometric assessment to measure and track your child’s progress in attentional control, self-regulation, problem solving, social-emotional skills and much more.

We prepare your child for life

Your child will learn a diverse range of mental habits and skills such as how to focus at school, organize time and work, communicate assertively, problem solving, all of which are crucial in life.

We are professional

We use evidence-proven child psychology and neuroscience concepts. From what we teach, to how we speak, encourage and discipline your child.

We have a bigger mission

We aspire to build a community of parents who are keen to learn about positive parenting so that their children can grow in a safe and happy environment. If you want to understand more, we will even coach you for free.

We train parents to be psychologists at home

Besides training your child, we share positive parenting strategies to help you understand what your child has learnt during the training and how you can implement the same system at home.

We speak your child’s language

Because we understand how brains develop and what motivates children to learn, our programs are developed to nurture an intrinsic motivation of children to be self-driven learners.

We use quality approach for your child

Psychometric Observations

Parent's Behavioural Assessment Questionnaire

Teacher's Monitoring Checklist

Teacher-Parent Digital Communication App

Routine Health Checks

Take-Home Positive Parenting Strategies

Do you want to understand more about your child’s behaviour? Get started with our FREE Child Behavioral Analysis Tools