Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it important?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is a set of skills that helps recognize, understand and manage our emotions. In other words, EQ measures a person’s ability to interact with others or ‘social intelligence’. Psychologist Daniel Goleman found that EQ consists of five components:


The ability to recognise our own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, values and goals.


The ability to control our own emotions in reacting to circumstances.

Internal motivation

The drive to achieve or accomplish our own goals in life.


The ability to understand and consider others’ emotions.

Social Skills

The ability to build and manage relationships.

Why does my child need Emotional Intelligence?

Having a high EQ improves attention and learning. Your child has to manage distractions while taking a test or working on an important project.

It’s also been shown that children who have high EQ make healthier choices, and are more co-operative and make better leaders. In the long run, having a high emotional intelligence is a greater predictor of career success than having a high IQ, which means it is valued by employers looking for candidates who can complete work and get along with people in progressively collaborative workplaces.

How do I know if my child has problems with Emotional Intelligence?

Your child may have problems with Emotional
Intelligence skills if he or she..

  • Throws tantrums easily
  • Is unable to take criticisms well
  • Has low self-confidence
  • Has poor communication skills
  • Unable to cope with stress, sadness and frustration
  • Does not understand others’ feelings or body language
  • Cannot get along with friends or peers
  • Does not share toys easily with peers

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