A 52-week ultimate preschool enrichment program to help your child build Executive Function, Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset.

A 52-week ultimate preschool program to help your child learn Executive Function, Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset.

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BrainTech is a 52-week Australian whole brain training program developed for preschool children aged 4 to 6 to develop their Executive Function, Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset. All these skills are scientifically proven to be important for their success, whether in school or later on in life.
How does your child benefit?

Executive Function Module

20 Units


Attention and concentration
Cognitive flexibility
Organisational Skills
Goal Setting and Time Management

Emotional Intelligence Module

20 Units


Communication Skills
People Skills

Growth Mindset Module

12 Units


Inner Motivation to Learn
Willingness to Accept Criticism
Program Duration and Timetable

The program duration is 52-weeks.

Sessions are held every Saturday and each session is 90 minutes long.

Class size is 10-12 children.

Choice of sessions (Subject to availability):

Session 1

09.00 – 10.30 a.m

Session 2

11.00 – 12.30 p.m

Session 3

01.00 – 2.30 p.m

Session 4

03.00 – 4.30 p.m

Next Intake

March 2019

August 2019

January 2020

Who should attend?
Children who :

  • Are aged 4 – 6 preparing to enter formal schools.
  • Want to be in their peak state as they enter the next challenging phase of their school life.
  • Find learning boring, tough or stressful.
  • Do not listen and are not able to focus.
  • Procrastinate with unproductive habits.
  • Are lack of motivation, purpose and direction to set goals for their lives.
  • Are bad tempered, impatient and frequently throw tantrums.
  • Are lack of self-confidence, shy, timid or soft-spoken.
  • Cannot get along with friends and cannot form strong friendships.
  • Give up easily when they encounter mistakes.
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