About Us

“We help parents raise successful adults to be the leaders of tomorrow —


We help parents raise successful adults to be the leaders of tomorrow

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Who are we
Our zerotofive team consists of coaches and educators specialised in child psychology and early childhood education. That means we understand children and what is best for them. And we use the knowledge we have to develop learning programs that nurture children to be self-driven and motivated learners.
Why we started

At Zero To Five, we are obsessively passionate about child psychology and education. Khoo Weng Yee, Founder, started the company after graduating from Psychology and her profound experience in working as a child psychology researcher for the Project KIDS in Perth, Australia to study how children learn and how their brains develop. Over the years, she has discovered crucial mental habits which are scientifically proven to help children succeed, leveraging the pioneering psychological research of Executive Functions, Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset. We focus on training these effective mental habits, which is one of the least emphasized aspects in kindergartens and preschools in Malaysia. We’re excited to share our knowledge and passion with parents and children through our programs, free coaching sessions, and community. And we aspire to create a community of wise parents in Malaysia.

What we believe in

We teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

While schools focus on teaching children numerous subjects from Mathematics to Science, English to Spanish, they miss out on one crucial point – Teaching them HOW TO apply the knowledge that they have. No matter how much knowledge your child has, it will be pointless if he does not know HOW TO apply them. Which is why we focus on training children effective mental strategies on how to improve their own brain capacity and apply the knowledge they have.

We prepare children for LIFE, not for SCHOOL alone.

If you want your child to be successful only in school, focus on grades. But if you aspire your child to be successful later on in career, relationships, finances and life, grades alone can’t really do much. It has been scientifically proven that there are other factors besides IQ which predict your child’s future success such as EQ, delayed gratification and self-management skills. And these are what we focus on.

We believe in parent-teacher teamwork.

Raising a successful child is a two-way work. In order to raise successful children, we need cooperation from parents to apply effective parenting strategies at home on your child as well. We believe in having open, respectful and transparent communication between our trainers and parents. Which is why parents will receive a monthly Positive Parenting toolkit to help you understand what your child has learnt and how you can apply effective Positive Parenting strategies at home.